Welcome to the Speke Group of Hotels

Unmatched Hospitality and Elegance


Our Story

As one of the Pioneers of the Hospitality Industry in Uganda, we began our journey by acquiring the most historic hotel in the country, Speke Hotel. Over the years, we have passionately built a collection of Resorts, Hotels and Apartments to an International Standard, creating unique experiences and everlasting memories for all our guests.

With over 25 years of Experience, we have curated and cultivated the definition of warmth and tranquility for all our guests during their stay across our various properties.

Our Award Winning Resorts, Hotels and Apartments offer Uganda’s most exquisite accommodation that bare testament to an imposing luxury and a charm that is waiting to be experienced. Our service delivery has grown over time to meet and exceed the luxury and eco-friendly standards on the market. The central locations, exclusive views and the superb culinary delights of our restaurants are a distinctive feature of the Speke Group properties. We provide our guests with unforgettable experiences of a personalized welcome and provide unparalleled comfort.

Speke Group offers more than 900 modern rooms, 45 State of the Art Conference rooms and meeting, award winning restaurants and bars, health clubs and spa, recreation and leisure facilities to make your stay with us a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Our History

The Story of the Speke Group dates back to the Legend of Captain John Hannington Speke from whom the Group takes its name. The British Explorer, credited as the First European to discover Lake Victoria in East Africa which he correctly identified as the Source of The Nile.
It is this prestigious background that set the stage for the naming of Uganda’s only centurial hotel, Speke Hotel.

Speke Hotel was the first Hotel to be acquired as a member of the Ruparelia Group in 1996 by Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia. Its unrivalled heritage has made Speke Hotel a key destination in the heart of Kampala draped with the colonial ambiance that can be traced back to the 1920’s when the hotel was built and this same aura has been maintained and preserved over the years.

The dedication and vision to continue creating luxurious and modern accommodation with a true sense of warm hospitality grew gradually and the next stage in the Group’s expansion came ten years later in 2006, with the completion of Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort in a record time of 11 months. Shortly after, Kabira Country Club was added to the Group hotels, offering a world class abode for guests and travelers.



Uganda is very special to us because it is our home and we are proud to share and participate in her growth, dreams and aspirations.

Over the last 25 years, we have invested billions of shillings into several key factors such as real estate, education, hospitality and financial services; projects that have facilitated and accelerated the country’s economic growth through the creation of jobs, paying of taxes, transfer of skills, and more importantly, creating the much needed soft infrastructure to oil the wheels of growth.

Speke Group of Hotels has grown through the Hospitality sector ensuring that each and every hotel/property thrives under its own identity, managing to successfully merge the
establishment’s inherent characteristics with Speke Group core values.

Today, The Speke Group of Hotels has a total of 13; Resorts, Hotels and Apartments providing the best service, value and amenities, making it the most preferred modern and innovative choice for Uganda’s leisure and luxury seekers. The Speke Group has grown to be a resounding success because of the vision and forward-thinking approach as well as the impeccable work ethic of key managers like Mr. Azim Tharani, Mr. Amit Sachdeva, Mr. Greg Petzer and Mr. Akhilesh Malik who have been instrumental in the development of the Speke Group of Hotels to the point where Uganda’s hospitality industry has been transformed and continues to build a legacy that will live on for many years to come. The Speke Group demonstrates this passion with new properties being added to the already illustrious story unfolding before your eyes.